Monday, October 5, 2009

time to end the story

well, replying to a few requests made by people,

It seems that even as the time passes, words are spoken and things were taught. Realisation of facts occured in such a short amount of time, less than a year?

the time has come (to stand for all we believe in) where going to NS may not be such a burden, in fact i am looking forward to it....

not just for the bonds to be made, the stories to be told, the time away from home,

but the realisation that after this... my life will no longer be the same...

to all friendships and to all parts of my teenage self i have to leave behind,

I may not come back the same, but i hope i will be stronger...

cos i just want too....

the journalist files last report
Jeremy Pan =D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

LONG TIME NO post!!!


HEYZ yall... been off for a long while... and lots of things have been going on!

SCM half marathon 2 hrs 12min 01 secs ^^

Brisbane, (posting pics soon)

26th soccer with juniors...

And the crash* ^^

Last cell for 2008, ended with a new cell arrangement... cant wait to see how the new year will be like... My vote for cell lead... Melvin Gan!!!!!

Will post more soons guys....

running and running

In His Time
Jeremy Pan

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The SCM half marathon

A second person view from a first person event

the day before: you end the day eating pasta and a double cheese burger, hoping that it would provide enough energy for the next day. Your body feels sluggish, you dont know why, but its a good thing as you have to rest early. You reach home, bathe, prep for tomorrow, then hit the bed to sleep.

2.30AM: You wake up, not so much as being eager to go out already, but you may miss nicholas' call to pick you up. You do nothing to go back to sleep, although you try to go online and see if anyone can reply you, but to no avail. You end up lying in bed trying not so much as to waste the energy that you have.

4.30AM: You finally get out of bed, did the necessities, and prepared to recieve the call from nic. He finally calls you, and you don on the race gear, and head out to meet him.

5.10AM: Taxis' pass by as they glance towards you, thinking that you would flag them down. The night air is cooling, perhaps too cold, and the streets were deserted. You started to sing in your usual tone of voice, "Oh Lord our God" was the only song then, giving no care to the residents who were living in the blocks close to the street (well they lived by the street right? so they wouldnt be affected by my singing^^)

Nicholas' and his dad finally arrives, he picks you up and we went down the CTE to orchard, before turning to the city hall area. You see streams of participants gathering and strolling into the padang area. This would be the first time you saw such a crowd, imagining 50,000 people.

5.30AM (flag off for full marathon) :After depositing your bag at section E, You and nic gather a water bottle each, and headed over to the starting point area. It was only about a few minutes past the flag off time, when you see the kenyans, a whole bunch of them, running at a pace of about 9 mins for 2.4km. The crowd which gathered at the toilets breaks out into a cheer and thunderous clapping. interesting thing to note about these guys: they run as a pack so that they can hear the "thumping" of the legs as it hits the ground so that they can keep momentum with one another. Clever tactic eh?

Soon after, streams of participants start to trail along the road, as you wait in line to go to the portable toilets, although you nearly regret as the toilet smells of someone's chemical bombing, advice: go before you leave the house.

6.15AM: You begin your stretch and wondered when you are going to be called. You ask a lady for the time and figured it would be the best time to go to the start point. Both of you pass by a water station, squeezed the entire GU gel pack into your mouth and drank some water before heading down to the start point. You see the crowd packed towards the starting line, as you squeeze in and out of the many participants lined up there. you prepare yourself mentally and told nic: "you ready?" although his reply wasnt as good as you think nonetheless, you are going to run the race.

2mins before the flag off time, the MCs were revving everyone up by speaking through the system. you see balloons making it into the sky as the MCs told everyone to let go of the balloons. music blasts into your ear as you walk past a speaker, you see all sorts of people,
Like this guy wearing an orange wig who was also taking the half marathon, and others who were wearing clothes not seemingly able to run with.

6.30AM (flag off for half marathon): The time has come to put your body to the test, you say to nicholas: " if i ever drop behind you, dont wait for me and carry on". even though the gun has already gone off, you still spend 2 mins walking to the start line, put both earphones in your ear, and begin to move off.

The first thing that happens is that you see nicholas weaving through the crowds, good plan you think, and follow suit behind him. You pass by crowds and crowds, inching your way forwards. the plan was to stick close to nic as close as possible, so that he can pace you.

4km mark (as of running knowledge): You are running near tanjong pajar mrt area, as you pass by what seems to be a 2km mark, you say loudly: "this is so demoralising, we ran so much and its only 2km?" Nic seconds that, and even a lady running beside you also agrees with you. pretty soon, you reach the opposite of the start point road, and as you run past, you see the faces of those 10km runners preping to go. Now you are headed for nicole highway, pass the singapore flyer. By now, your ipod earphones are drenched in either water, or your sweat, making them impossible to use as of now, so you tie them round your neck, hoping it doesnt interefere with your running.

7km mark: You pass by the singapore flyer, still in tune with nicholas' speed. You see the fast food restaurant, Popeye's, telling nic that the rest of the youth went there yesterday. As you continue to run, you pass by drink stations and drink stations, each providing the liquid fluids you need on the run. You only go for the water, opting for the 100plus later on. You jog pass the all familiar 2hr 15 min pacer, with a red balloon and a super cool adidas "official pacer shirt, telling yourself that you will try to jog infront of them, at most a few meters behind them.

10km mark: You hit the nicole highway bridge, as you trod up the incline. You are amazed at yourself, considering the fact that you are still on nicholas' pace all the way. You dont want to think how long more you can hold, as you continue on. A song keeps on repeating itself in your head, "Father, Into your courts I will enter", as you use the tempo to help you press on. You see people, out of the norm, such as one 'hiking' up the bridge with a tyre and styrofoam box, which says "dont tailgate" tied to her.

12km mark: "Come on guys! 10 more kilometers to go" was your cry as you run pass the 12km sign. A volunteer with a loud speaker replies: "9 km more to be exact" LOL.

The route now seems to be the easy part, as your mind focuses on the people running on the opposite lane. The hard part is to keep up with nicholas' speed as you turn back from the halfway marker, and the strategically placed U-turns which seem to demoralise you.

17km mark: The last U-turn for the day, this is the point where your speed begins to drop as you see nicholas run ahead of you. Even as you trudge on, you see a familiar face and call out to him. Weird, he was supposed to be faster than yourself, nonetheless you carry on, trying to now pace people around you.

As you enter to the starting point of the F1 race cars, you see a display of sports cars on the right, and as of now, the 10km runners have entered the route with you, displaying more speed in their run. Not Every kilometer passes by, in which you shout out, 2 (at the 19km mark) kilometers to go! You spur everyone around you, even the supporters who seemed to be tired from standing there all day.

21km mark: You see the finishing line, 150m to go, you try to increase your speed, at the same time, urging people around you to finish the last part of the race. You run and run and run, at the last 10m, you look around you check if you are going to block anyone, and you spread out your hands to celebrate the 21.1 half marathon finishing!

In the end: You change your championchip for the race medal, looking around for nicholas, but you dont see him. you find tee first and then you head down to get your bag. Nicholas joins you soon after and you two head for breakfast and lunch at funan. You search for Darren soon after, and you three head home with a race full of experience to share^^

You cant wait for the next time you run

In His service
Jeremy Pan

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Driving and ADIDAS

If you can read this, you'd better run faster

numbers these days:
6 - minimum number of hours on the road since i got my license
2 - near accidents I had since I got my license
1:15 - the time it took to wait in line to collect my race kit
36607 - my race tag number
4 - number of papers i have finished this week

I will update more soon... but right now, i have to get ready what i intend to do over the next 3 weeks of holiday

1) pack room for renovation
2) go on a photo spree
3) sign up for next year's races
4) prepare for soccer ministry and AQ!!!
5) finish up FYP

Sunday, November 30, 2008

To ALL Mission trippers who cant go to thailand right now

Let me get straight to the point...

Most of us, YCCA mission trippers, SJCP mission trippers and CHS mission trippers, and probably others who are going over at this time...

I may not know how you feel, most certainly disappointed and frustrated that all your hard work has gone to waste... As for myself, a certain disappointment in the fact that i wont be able to serve God by bringing back testimonies and also I wont be able to improve my skill in photography there...

In any case, we all felt that the situation in thailand caused our hard work (prayers, meetings, time given... i dunno... maybe about close to 6 months?) even for those waiting anxiously to see the people who made themselves see life in a more clearer way,or even those who have prayed hard to ask God to show them why they are going for the trip (remember that God doesnt need you but He wants you) it must have been disappointing to now how can such an incident could disrupt all the plans eh?

when i came back home and talked to my mom, i realised this same familiar feeling that I had when I faced disappointments like this, and this wasn't as bad as the first time. but then i realised that God has planned all of this right from the start already, everthing intricately designed since the time to come, but we as humans dont realise this majestic way of realising the truth.

When you sleep tonight, dont forget to thank God for making such a thing happen. I told myself before... a long long time ago, whatever we plan, remember that God is the ultimate one who plans for us. One thing i can be sure of, especially when you volunteered to go on the trip, is that God is indeed happy that you have chosen to serve Him during this time^^

I challenge you tonight, to ask yourself some questions:
1) Since God removed this mission trip, would something (good or bad, exciting) happen during this time that God has placed for me to see? ( Could be a testimony)
2) If God planned for us not to go in the end, we will be able to free up a week during our holidays for us to use?

For myself, I can testify that now that the trip is cancelled, my mom would not be too anxious if i will get back late from the airport on the 19th at 12pm (flight delayed and stuff like that), because my flight to brisbane is at 7pm and i will need to check in at 5pm. ^^

Well, i am getting kinda excited, because i know that God will show us something during this time, so i can just say, be prepared.

In His Time
Jeremy Pan

Thursday, November 27, 2008

supposed to study.... but....

I was supposed to study...

Ended up taking portrait shots... lol

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey all

I would like to petition you guys in my quest to become a photographer!

help me remind myself to do a few things:

1) save money to buy D700^^
2) save money to go on courses
3) take ALOT of photos
4) remind me to bring camera wherever i go (IMPT!!!)
5) Get my portfolio ready!!!
6) learn more photography/photoshop techniques


Jeremy Pan